The classroom teacher purchases the majority of needed school supply items. rePlease send cash or check (made out to CBFCS) on the first day of school. JK - $35, K - Gr. 1 $40 items to prevent confusion.

School Supplies for JK- Gr. 1
1 adult size backpack (large enough to fit a lunch kit and 3 ring binder) 1 change of cloths
1 lunch kit 1 (velcro) indoor runners
1 water bottle 2 Tissue boxes
1 pair of headphones in a ziplock bag 1 pencil case (Gr. 1 only)
School Supplies for Gr. 2-4
2 Pencil Cases 14 nonmechanical pencils
3 white erasers 2 metal pencil sharpener
2 glue sticks 3 Kleenex boxes
1 package pencil crayons 1 ruler
1 bottle of Tacky craft glue 1 indoor runners
1 set of spare cloths 1 school bag
1 package of markers 1 large coil-bound notebook (gr.4)
1 red pen 1 blue pen
1 pair of headphones 1 pair of scissors
1 calculator (Gr. 3/4 only) 6 Hilroy notebooks

Please label items to prevent confusion. The school has enough dictionaries, thesauruses, geometry sets, and Bibles, so these items do not need to be purchased.

School Supplies for Gr. 5-8
1 pencil case 2 white erasors
1 correction tape 12 nonmechanical pencils
1 metal pencil sharpener 3 blue pens
3 red pens 1 calculator
1 clear tape 1 scissors
2 glue stick 3 Kleenex boxes
1 package pencil crayons 1 30cm ruler
1 bottle Tacky craft glue 1 USB flash drive
1 large coil-bound notebook 3 2in. binder
4 pks of loose-leaf paper 1 pk of graph paper
6 Hilroy notebooks 2 packages subject dividers
3 packages loose-leaf 1 white 1" binder w/ sleeve
2 packages clear page protectors 1 deoderant stick
1 spare cloths 1 school bag
1 indoor runners

Please DO NOT send zippered binders as they do not fit in their desks and tend to be very messy! Do not send 1 gigantic binder for all their subjects to fit in. Their binders need to stay in different classrooms. Oversized and zippered binders will be sent home. The school has enough dictionaries and thesauruses and geometry sets left from previous years that each student does not need to bring their own. The school also has a Bible for each student to use.