Spiritual Benefits

  1. Prayer is taught and modeled by example.
  2. Students learn scripture applications and how to apply them to real life.
  3. Bible knowledge is taught and memory work is a priority so that students can say: "Your Word have I hid in my heart." Psalm 199:11
  4. Serving others with a grateful heart is encouraged and modeled.
  5. Discipleship is demonstrated by staff members who live for God each day.

Social and Emotional Benefits

  1. CBFCS offers a positive and supportive environment to students. Although we are not free from difficulties, we do teach and expect students to honor God's standards as they relate to teachers and classmates.
  2. Character building is emphasized through citizenship, morals and virtues. We believe that who our students are becoming (character) is just as valuable as what they know (academics).
  3. Good behavior and self-control is expected and enforced to maintain a fun, safe and healthy learning environment for all students and staff. There is a code of conduct for Gr.5-8 students.
  4. Positive relationships are key to academic success. Student-bonding and mentoring between older and younger students is highly valued, as well as the relationship between teachers and students, and teachers and parents.

Academic Benefits

  1. Academic excellence is promoted and encouraged for every student. Students must attain a minimum of 60% to pass. Students must achieve an average of 85% in all core subjects (math, science, language arts, social studies and Bible) to be on the honor roll. An average of 90% or higher is required to receive distinction.
  2. CBFCS has a strong grammar and language arts focus
  3. Small class sizes in multi-grade classrooms are maintained to offer more one on one teaching between students and teachers.