CBFCS is a funded-independent school - what does this mean?

All schools are classified as either public or private. The term private is rarely used. Private schools are classified in 2 ways: funded-independent school or non-funded independent school.

Funded independent schools are required to follow the Manitoba Curriculum and meet all provincial requirements, but have more flexibility in terms of hiring, classes offered and who is accepted to attend the school. They receive approximately half of the funding per student as public schools.

Non-funded independent schools are not required to meet provincial requirements and therefore receive no government funding.


Why do you need to charge tuition?

As mentioned above funded independent schools receive about half of the funding per student as public schools. This is approximately $5000 per student. Our school must charge tuition to help make up the difference. Tuition costs range from about $800-$2200 a year depending on the grade. Of the 18 rural independent schools in Manitoba, our rates are among the lowest. We try hard to keep them low, so that any family that wishes to have their child enrolled in a Christ-centred education can do so.


Is the quality of education the same as the public school? Do you teach the Manitoba Curriculum?

We believe that the quality of education at CBFCS is comparable to the public school. Academically, we are an accredited school and we teach the Manitoba Curriculum and meet or exceed all requirements of the province. It has been school policy since 1984 to teach the Manitoba curriculum and to hire provincially certified teachers.


Who can attend CBFCS and what are the requirements?

Anyone can apply to enroll at CBFCS. CBFCS is a ministry to the Swan Valley community. We are open to any family regardless of their church affiliation or lack of. As mentioned earlier, about 1/2 of families attend CBF Church or other valley churches, and 1/2 have no church affiliation. It is understood by parents that the school has a Statement of Faith that it follows, and we do require that parents do not undermine the Christian beliefs or principles taught at school.


What is discipline like?

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds with various strengths and weaknesses. As a Christian school our students are not immune to the challenges of life, but we are intentional about how we deal with them. CBFCS offers a positive and supportive environment to students. We teach and expect students to honor God's standards. We have a code of conduct which emphasizes character building. Good behaviour and self-control is expected and enforced to maintain a safe, fun, and healthy learning environment for students and staff.


Does CBFCS see itself in competition with public schools?

No, we do not see ourselves in competition with the Swan Valley School Division, but rather as partners in education. The purpose of CBFCS is to offer families a Christ-centred education, which includes prayer, devotions, chapel, worship and a daily Bible class in addition to the regular curriculum. This is not an option within the framework of public school. As a small Christian school we have limitations. We do not offer high school, French, band or elite sports and often can't accommodate students with severe special needs. For many families public school is a better fit for the needs of their children. CBFCS has a good working relationship with the SVSD as we share professional development days, busing, student enrichment, and most importantly we strive to make the transition of our Gr.8 students to the high school smooth.


Can I get a tax receipt for income tax purposes from tuition or donations?

CBFCS is a non-profit organization and is a registered charity; therefore, tax receipts can be issued for donations.